This site was created in 1999 when some members of the Cobalt EMEA support team had created some packages for the Server Appliances they were supporting and needed a site to distribute them. Since then the amount of packages is growing every month.

Although all packages on this site have been created by very skilled people, all packages are provided -as is- without any warranty or support. Use them at your own risk. Installation will possibly void your software warranty. If installation of one of these packages causes your Server Appliance to fail in any way, the maintainers of this site are not responsible and cannot assist you to fix your Appliance free of charge. If you require assistance installing, using or removing any of the packages on this site, please feel free to contact RAQTweak, cobalt experts.

If you need to communicate any problems with this website, or you want to contribute a package or how-to, please e-mail webmaster (at)