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About Vivizi Hosting B.V.

Vivizi Hosting B.V. is a reliable hosting and DSL provider based in The Netherlands.
Vivizi Hosting B.V. is a company owned by the same people that bring you RAQTweak.com and PKGMaster.com.
So you know you're getting good value for your buck!
We offer Cobalt RAQ rental, or we can colocate your own RAQ!

With a very good and dedicated customer service / helpdesk, we understand the needs of a customer.
Vivizi Hosting B.V. does not like to treat a customer like a number, but actively participates in the thinking process:
How do we improve your business?

Vivizi Hosting B.V. believes in the future! We constantly invest to improve and expand our services. Better hardware, software, connection and network equipment. You name it.
Within a very short period Vivizi Hosting B.V. gained lots of customers, from anywhere around the globe.

Vivizi Hosting B.V. owns all the systems, servers, racks, software and connections in use.
Vivizi Hosting B.V. is able to control our servers from a distance through our APC systems.
So your server never has to be down longer than a few minutes. Every server in our datacenter is connected to an APC Power Distribution port!

Because of that, we are able to monitor and fix problems and server failures at all times.
We also offer a personalized control panel, where you can administer all the services you have with us.

Check out our incredible prices or contact us for a quote today!

Experience emotions, experience Vivizi!